Supporters ‘And the darkness spake unto her “Look upon those that would bring thy doom. Theirs is the way of flame and madness. Despair. Despair, ye Godless knaves, despair.”‘

source site – Felicity Ferret Goes to Church, Errol Bungubbet, Bulldog Press, 1974

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Matt ‘The Machinist’ Armstrong

Kieron ‘Kalashnikov’ Callow

Nick ‘Nailgun’ Chuter

Chris ‘The Colossus’ Corby

Porl ‘Papa Bear’ Cooper

GP ‘Geronimo’ Daniell

Edward ‘Eradicator’ Feery

Toby ‘Tombstone’ Hannam

Harry ‘Hellfire’ Harris

Saul ‘The Scourge’ Hewish

Rob ‘Cliffhanger’ Hodgson

Claire ‘Chaos’ Johnson-Chuter

Timothy ‘Titan’ Kaufmann

Paul ‘Poltergeist’ Kelly

Laura ‘Laceration’ Maley

Christian ‘Murder’ McCormack

Hannah ‘Havoc’ Osborne

Peter ‘Pistol-Whip’ Spencer

Charlotte ‘Shaman’ Tonkinson

John ‘Juggernaut’ Underwood

Paul ‘Pulveriser’ Wrigley

Rebecca ‘Rainmaker’ Wrigley THE MOB

Andy ‘Grappler’ Godden

Tim ‘Norse God’ Nolan

Stewart ‘Panzerschreck’ Pringle

Kristin ‘Ragnarok’ Russell

Bethany ‘Warcry’ Walsh