Kill The Beast offer educational workshops to secondary students studying Drama and/or Theatre Studies at A Level and GCSE, as well as at University level.

The company are all graduates of the University of Warwick, and have already built up a very successful track record of well-received and educationally rewarding sessions with students in and around London.

More information on all workshops available on request. 

“Kill The Beast produce immersive storytelling that engages junior and secondary imaginations. Students are given a framework to explore their creativity through the illustrative and dynamic physical characterisations. This is theatre at it’s most honest and dynamic with the support of pre/post workshops to push the work further within students’ critical responses.”

–  Francis Holland School

How To Build A Horrorshow

Or, Devising Workshop

Embody monsters.

Learn how to create compelling physical characters and mine them for comedy. Discover how to create scenes of great beasts tearing through cities without props or dialogue.

Understand that your body is a ridiculous bag of skin and bones and it’s all you have to make something with.

Let’s get meaty.

This is a physical workshop focussing on characterisation, devising and imagination.

For any further information about workshops please get in touch with us here.



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