Kill The Beast perform The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

Boy Who

13 year old Robert Caligari is a nasty piece of work. But today is the day he gets his comeuppance. Today is the day he is going to die.

Pulsing into life as part of the Lowry Theatre’s In Development With programme in 2012, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs has since transferred to Jackson’s Lane Theatre in Highgate, The Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh as well as their main house in Islington, to rave reviews across the board.

It recently returned to The Lowry to play its beautiful 500 seat Quays theatre, and will be touring the UK throughout Autumn 2014 – for dates and tickets click here.

If you are interested in programming Robert’s terrible demise, please do get in touch and learn a little more about our behind-the-scenes team here.

Pitchfork Pitchfork

“Inventive, clever, gruesome and hilarious, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is a twisted triumph and an unmissable debut production”

*****  What’s On Stage

“A scorchingly talented young company”

****  Time Out

“A truly brilliant example of a class act in action”

*****  British Theatre Guide

“The League of Gentlemen stripped back to their Edinburgh roots”

****  Exeunt Magazine

“Inventive, visually stunning stuff, made with a love and awareness of what has gone before… great, very grisly fun”

A Younger Theatre

“..the grinding suburbia of a Lowry painting through The League of Gentleman’s Royston Vasey.”

“the show’s rictus grin never droops and the blood and guts keep coming.”

****  Fest

“A perfect example of the fun, vitality and inventiveness that can make theatre magical” (Editor’s Pick)

The Public Reviews

“The League of Gentlemen meets Hammer Horror with a detour through Willy Wonka’s nightmare tunnel”

****  The Skinny


Set/Projection Design

Bryan Woltjen

Costume Design

Rachel Owen and Nina Scott

Lighting Design

Elliot Griggs


Ben Osborn

Sound Design

Ed Borgnis

Stage Management

Fergus Nimmo / Emma Nairne

Publicity Design

Oliver Baxter